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Vines Realty's Effort Of Bringing Digital Innovations To Real Estate Industry - NewTelegraphng

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Business Consultant and Managing Director, of Vines Realty Afrique Limited, Udoh Oberaifo David, is delighted that their hard work of bringing digital innovation to the thriving real estate industry in Nigeria is finally being recognised.

“We are happy that our effort to bring digital innovations to The Real Estate industry in Nigeria has been recognized. We see this award as a challenge to do more in creating products and services that will empower the average Nigerian to own their own home and create wealth that will last for generations.”

Vines Realty Afrique Limited, which is referred to as one of the leading Real Estate Company in Nigeria was recently recognised as the Emerging Outstanding Real Estate Company of the year, 2022. The award which was presented to the company at the Real Estate Excellence Awards event, hosted by Beta Media Group.

Udoh Oberaifo David added, “It’s a huge win for Vines Realty and me, as it shows that our hard work and commitment to serve is being recognized. We will continue to strive to do better and keep building on this toward our longterm goal of a better humanity. Nevertheless, we appreciate our clients who have made this possible.

We are now in a fast-growing market environment where there are so many changes happening across multiple dimensions. Hence, we will continue to be an intermediary between the rich, middle-class and poor. As we connect globally, we would encourage everyone to “Invest in the growth of Africa” whilst keeping to our sustainable development goals in line with Africa Unions Agenda 2065.

“We remain at the forefront of digital transformation and real tech innovation in Africa to position others for upcoming opportunities. This is the motivation as Vines Realty continues to strengthen itself, being a household name across Africa and Global Humanity.”

Also speaking about the awards, Ronald Ajiboye, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Vines Realty Afrique limited, ‘’This award will spur us to innovate more and offer seamless service to the customer. We will also double our effort to provide homes and create wealth for working-class Nigerians at home and in the diaspora.

Vines Realty is a leading Real Estate company, providing professional property marketing, consulting and development services for diverse clients in the residential and commercial property markets. Committed to high standards of excellence and integrity, Vines Realty brings expertise to every project handled by her experienced team, thereby providing a thorough, qualitative service in alignment with clients’ Real estate needs.

The event was graced by major players in the Real Estate Industry in Nigeria, like Pwan Group, Adozillion Homes, Eden Oasis Realty, Landshop, and Atco Homes, among others.

Source: NewTelegraphng

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