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Vines Realty Unveils Nancy Isime As Brand Ambassador - Daily Independent

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

One of Nigeria’s flourishing real estate companies, Vines Realty has unveiled actress and on-air TV personality, Nancy Isime as its brand ambassador.

Ostensibly throwing insight into the level of reliability that the company was characterized within the real estate sector in his speech at the signing of the endorsement deal in Lagos, David Obaraifo Udo, the Managing Director of the company, said “Vines Realty is a first-choice property company that loves injecting new ideas and creating a win, win business relationships with her customers.

He added: “When people buy property from us they are sure of the best facilities and environment”

Speaking on the choice of the company’s brand ambassador, he said, “Nancy Isime fits into the kind of brand ambassador whom we want to represent our company on the national, Pan-African, and the global scale of things.

He explained that the brand, Nancy Isime, stood for hard work, genuineness, originality, perseverance, integrity, trust, and service and these also were what the company’s brand stood for and these were some of the reasons Vines Realty as a brand key into so much with her.

“By popular demand, we were able to deduce that Nancy Isime is a role model worth emulating, and she is highly respected and valued by our clientele who we consider our family because her values and principles align with what we at Vines Realty stand for.

“Today, we are happy and proud to celebrate the formal partnership between Vines Realty and Nancy Isime as only the beginning of greater things for both parties to the greater benefit of our customers,” Udoh added.

Vines Realty, a subsidiary of Vines Realty Afrique Limited is a real estate company that is the first choice in the property industry.

Source: Independent

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