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Why we picked Nancy Isime as our brand ambassador – Udoh, Vines Realty Director on Sunnewsonline

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Why we picked Nancy Isime as Vines Realty brand ambassador

The Director of Vines Realty, Oberaifo David Udoh has officially announced the brand’s decision to unveil seasoned Nollywood actress cum model, Nancy Isime as it’s a brand ambassador.

For Udoh, progress has never been just a dream, rather it has always been a distant reality and once one milestone is achieved, there is always another one waiting to be crossed on that note, he kicked off Vines Realty almost a decade ago.

While unveiling the multiple award-winning actresses as the global face of the brand, Udoh clearly stated that

Vines Realty, which is a versatile industry that requires a high amount of technical know-how, expertise and specialized knowledge is making a difference with its quality, culture, and competitively priced products, as well as driving immense direct social impact for global Humanity guided by the SGD goals.

Part of his speech reads: “With the current process of widespread technological advancement and globalization, we in Vines Realty understand that meeting our customer’s requirements is the core to the success of our organization. We can say that the years we experienced in the past are significant and it is seen that we have intensively delivered our best performance to focus on customer satisfaction.

By popular demand, we were able to deduce that Nancy Isime is a role model worth emulating, and she is highly respected and valued by our clientele who we consider our family because her values and principles align with what we at Vines Realty stand for.

And today, we are happy and proud to celebrate the formal partnership between Vines Realty & Nancy Isime as only the beginning of greater things for both parties to the greater benefit of our customers.

VINES has always been a tree in a garden that brings forth fruits, which today is helping people journey into financial freedom, creating jobs, feeding communities, raising trend-setters, and empowering communities and business leaders across Africa by creating opportunities and value in the Nigerian Real Estate sector. We are a humanitarian Real Estate brand and we are proud of how far we have come on this journey.

As of today, in line with our goal to raise 1,000,000 millionaires in Africa, starting with Nigeria, the Vines Realty team has already started achieving measurable results by making millionaires of our youth through its affiliate marketing strategy, setting up a business for others whilst training, and mentoring them to properly run such businesses.

Some of these youth are here today.

Foremost persons in this category are members of the Vines Realty VIPs who are our amiable team of marketers for whom Nancy Isime has officially become a leader in that proud group. The majority of them will become real estate business owners in the next 24 months via our Real Estate Masterclass program.

Having acquired the necessary skill and gotten their breakthrough, we hereby enjoin them to continue the Vines Realty culture of giving back by empowering others shortly.

Our employees are not left out of the plans, as we have kickstarted our Intrapreneurship program for the dedicated and loyal staff who will shortly become business owners or partners as they choose.

“Humanity First” has been my watchword. My personal belief that the Principle of living rightly in abundance and living fulfilled is seeing everything through the eyes of Humanity has formed my values. I believe it is not your duty to make people love you. You must show people who we are knowing that they love us because they choose to not because they have to. Just Do Rightly and Live rightly, Obeying the laws of nature. I am happy that this has helped to shape me in several ways, both in my ever-growing leadership skills and personal brand.

On behalf of the Management and Board of Vines Realty, I would like to thank our valuable customers, partners, investors, friends, colleagues, reliable dealers, and world-class suppliers. I would also like to make special mention of our staff’s enthusiastic and unrelenting contribution to the continuous growth of vines Realty. The one thing I would like to present is that our leadership is a result of our employees, who are our first customers and brand ambassadors. They have made Vines Realty one of the outstanding organizations in the Nigerian Real Estate sector.

We are now in an ever-changing market environment where there are so many changes happening across multiple dimensions. In such a situation, we firmly believe that “trust” remains the key element in persuading customers to choose our quality products. We accept that “trust” is the way to forge a “Win-Win partnership” for a long deeper relationship.

Thus, having built this brand on strong principles which have formed our values, we decided to further strengthen that by officially unifying this relationship which will further cement Vines Realty and spur the Nancy Isime Brand to global heights.

We are here today celebrating Vines Realty and one of our own, Nancy Isime, whom we have officially decided to unveil before our global audience. She is one of the privileged few personalities with an enviable track record in less than a decade, with an outstanding talent who has made a lot of strides in a male-dominated industry.

Please let’s put our hands together as we unveil our latest brand ambassador, “Nancy Isime”.

In addition, Vines Realty, our Real Estate organization remains at the forefront of digital transformation in Africa, positioning others not just ourselves for the opportunities that lie ahead.

As a Humanitarian Real Estate brand, we champion this course for PanAfrican growth, we believe in “Invest In Africa to grow Africa”. We at Vines Realty will intensively endeavor to put Humanity First in all our dealings and continue to create environmental awareness to prevent climate changes and resource depletion. We are committed to supporting our people and community, preservation of the environment we live in, and also positioning Nigeria as the premier spot in Africa for business and investment.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who contributed relentless hard work and effort in the past to bring us here today and for our continuous growth in the years to come.

Overcoming challenge after challenge with the support of my brilliant team, we have been successful in bringing Vines Realty to a new milestone of global recognition and this great partnership. The journey of Vines Realty is never-ending. However, with the support of my team and clients, I am confident that the company will continue to scale milestones of excellence in the future. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with you our young and dynamic marketing consultants, Nancy Isime, and most importantly, our customers.

God Bless Vines Realty

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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