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Real estate firm receives recognition - The Nation

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Real estate firm receives recognition - The Nation

Vines Realty Afrique Limited has received the outstanding real estate firm of the year award.

The company was honoured at the Real Estate Excellence Awards, hosted by Beta Media Group.

Present at the event, among others, were major players in Real Estate, such as Pwan Group, Adozillion Homes, Eden Oasis Realty, Landshop, and Atco Homes. Managing Director, Udoh Oberaifo, also received the award as outstanding real estate CEO of the year.

Udoh said “we are happy our effort to bring digital innovation to the industry has been recognised. We see this as a challenge to do more in creating products and services to empower the average Nigerian to own their home and create wealth.”

“It’s a huge win for Vines Realty and me, as it shows our hard work and commitment to serve is recognised. We will continue to do better and keep building on this goal … we appreciate our clients who made this possible.

“We are in a fast-growing market environment with so many changes happening across multiple dimensions. Hence, we will continue to be an intermediary between the rich, middle-class and poor.”

Source: The Nation

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