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Lagos Faces Dilemma as Landmark Beach Razed for Highway

Our hearts sank this week as a significant portion of Landmark Beach on Victoria Island was demolished. This iconic Lagos destination, painstakingly built over six years, was brought down in just a handful of hours to make way for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway, Nigeria's most ambitious infrastructure project yet.

Landmark Beach Razed for Highway

Landmark Beach: A Painful Farewell for a Lagos Icon

While the government insists this move is essential for the highway's progress, many Lagosians are heartbroken. The demolition has sparked debates about the project's true costs. Many fear the loss of jobs, not just from Landmark itself, but from the numerous small businesses that thrived around it.

Landmark Beach

Landmark's owners point out that the original plans for the highway kept the beach largely untouched. The current route, they argue, disrupts not only livelihoods but also adds unnecessary expense for the government itself.

The future of Landmark Beach remains uncertain. The owners have vowed to return, but in what form that will take is yet to be seen. One thing is for sure, Lagos has lost a beloved landmark, and many wonder if the progress promised by the highway will come at too high a price.

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