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Top 10 Developed Cities in Nigeria 2024

Considering a move to Nigeria? Explore the most developed cities in Nigeria in 2024, boasting robust economies, infrastructure, and opportunities.

Developed Cities in Nigeria


Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation, is experiencing rapid development across its major cities. Identifying the most developed cities depends on various factors like infrastructure, economic opportunities, and standard of living. This article explores the top 10 developed cities in Nigeria for 2024, empowering your decision for relocation or investment.

Top 10 Developed Cities in Nigeria

  1. Lagos: Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos, thrives with a bustling economy, major corporations, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

  2. Abuja: The federal capital, Abuja, features well-planned infrastructure, government institutions, and a growing business scene.

  3. Ibadan: Renowned as Nigeria's largest city by landmass, Ibadan boasts a significant industrial hub and educational institutions.

  4. Port Harcourt: A center for Nigeria's oil and gas industry, Port Harcourt offers a vibrant business environment and access to international trade.

  5. Enugu: The historical and cultural center of the Igbo people, Enugu is experiencing economic revitalization and infrastructure development.

  6. Warri: A major oil and gas hub, Warri offers a strategic location for businesses in the Niger Delta region.

  7. Kano: The economic and commercial center of Northern Nigeria, Kano boasts a rich history and a thriving informal sector.

  8. Onitsha: A commercial center in southeastern Nigeria, Onitsha features a large market and a growing manufacturing sector.

  9. Calabar: A port city known for its festivals and scenic beauty, Calabar is attracting investment in tourism and hospitality.

  10. Uyo: The capital of Akwa Ibom state, Uyo is experiencing development in infrastructure and the oil and gas sector.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Developed City in Nigeria

  • Industry: Different cities specialize in various sectors. Align your choice with your industry of interest.

  • Infrastructure: Consider the quality of roads, transportation networks, and access to utilities.

  • Cost of Living: Living expenses can vary significantly between cities.

  • Security: Research safety considerations before making a decision.


  • What is the most populous city in Nigeria? Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria.

  • What is the capital of Nigeria? Abuja is the capital of Nigeria.

  • What are the best cities for business in Nigeria? Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt are top contenders for business opportunities.


Nigeria's developed cities offer a dynamic blend of economic prospects, cultural richness, and evolving infrastructure. By considering your priorities and leveraging this guide, you can choose the most suitable developed city in Nigeria to fulfill your aspirations.

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