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10 facts that will blow your mind about Dangote Refinery

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

facts about the Dangote Refinery

The Dangote Refinery is a highly anticipated project in Nigeria. Built by Dangote Industries, it is the largest single-train refinery in the world, with a capacity of 650,000 barrels per day. This massive project has been under construction for several years, and it is set to have a significant impact on the Nigerian economy and energy sector. Here are some key facts about the Dangote Refinery that you should know.

  1. The Dangote oil and petrochemical refinery is a 650,000 BPD facility, making it the largest single-train oil refinery on the planet, the largest in Africa and the 7th largest in the world. It is capable of meeting the energy demands of both Nigeria and the entire continent of Africa.

  2. Dangote announced plans to build the refinery in 2013, with an initial cost estimate of $9 billion. Construction began in 2016.

  3. The refinery was originally intended to be built in the oil-producing state of Ondo, but due to a lack of political will from the Ondo State Government, Dangote moved the project to Lagos state, which also has oil.

  4. The refinery and petrochemical plant are expected to generate $20 billion in revenue for Nigeria annually.

  5. The refinery will reposition Nigeria as a global energy hub.

  6. The refinery features the longest subsea gas pipeline in the world, with a length of 1100 km.

  7. The refinery will generate electricity up to 12,000MW.

  8. The refinery represents a $25 billion investment, the largest single investment carried out on the African continent by an individual and the most expensive industrial complex in Africa and perhaps the world.

  9. The refinery will produce 50,000,000 litres (13,000,000 US gal) of Euro-V quality gasoline and 17,000,000 litres (4,500,000 US gal) of diesel daily, as well as aviation fuel and plastic products.

  10. It will provide 135,000 permanent jobs and overall 300,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Bonus facts: The Dangote Oil Refinery will have a Nelson complexity index of 10.5, making it more complex than most refineries in the United States (average 9.5) or Europe (average 6.5). It also has the most piles for its pile foundation on the planet, and it is situated on 10 standard football fields. It has also attracted interest from other African countries that want to buy refined oil from the Dangote refinery.

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