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Oberaifo Udoh: Empowering Africa through Entrepreneurship, Social Change, and Digital Transformation

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

ntrepreneurship, Social Change, and Digital Transformation

Celebrating the Visionary Leader, Philanthropist, and Managing Director of Vines Realty Afrique Ltd.

Nairobi, Kenya - Oberaifo Udoh, a name synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, and social impact, continues to make remarkable strides in the business world. As the Managing Director of Vines Realty Afrique Ltd, a globally inclusive real estate company operating in Lekki, Lagos State, and the United States, Udoh has been instrumental in transforming the industry and promoting a united Africa.

Recognition and Honors:

At Africa's Under 40 CEOs Award & Summit Kenya 2023, Oberaifo Udoh received an extraordinary honour by being nominated, bestowed, and decorated with the maiden edition of the prestigious Africa's Under 40 CEOs Award. This recognition is a testament to his significant impact, expertise, unwavering dedication to excellence and outstanding leadership. The Award was Presented by the Minister of Youth Affairs, Sports and The Arts - Ababu Nawamba, in the presence of CEOs from over 48 African countries At Movenpick International Hotel Nairobi Kenya.

Managing Director of Vines Realty Afrique Ltd.

Moreover, the event was marked by a truly exceptional moment as Oberaifo Udoh was further presented with an Honorary Doctorate Degree (Doctor of Real Estate and Business Administration) from the esteemed Prowess University Delaware, USA. This esteemed recognition solidifies his status as an influential figure in the business world.

In addition, Oberaifo was named a Fellow of the Institute of Art Management and Professional USA, further highlighting his diverse expertise and contributions across various fields.

Outstanding Achievements and Contributions:

Oberaifo Udoh's passion for entrepreneurship, human capital development, and contributing to Africa's sustainable development aligns perfectly with the goals of the Enterprise Development Center. As a Digital Transformational Leader, he worked closely with MSMEs through the Mastercard Foundation TNY project in conjunction with EDC. His strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and digital transformation initiatives have resulted in exceptional success for these businesses.

At Africa's Under 40 CEOs Award & Summit Kenya 2023

Through his efforts, over 90% of the SMEs experienced a remarkable turnaround, witnessing increases in turnover of up to 250% in less than six months and accessing new markets through the establishment of strong digital presences. Oberaifo Udoh's unwavering commitment to digital transformation for Nigerian and African businesses has ensured that all the companies he worked with embraced digital technologies and positioned themselves for success in the digital era.

With over 15 estates, Vines Realty Afrique Ltd stands as a beacon of excellence and inclusivity. Guided by its core values of integrity, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, the company is committed to "Helping Africa Grow Africa" through their real estate investments and developments.

Moreover, Oberaifo Udoh's impact extends beyond the realm of business. As a core humanitarian and advocate for social change, he actively supports initiatives that address pressing societal issues. Oberaifo Udoh's love for humanity and commitment to inclusivity is evident in his role as the President of EDO ARISE INITIATIVE and his involvement in various humanitarian groups.

One of his notable initiatives, the "ESAN AGRO INITIATIVE 2022," aimed to empower farmers in remote communities across five local governments in Edo State. Through the distribution of hybrid planting seedlings to over 3,000 farmers, Udoh contributed to agricultural development, enhanced food security, and uplifted the livelihoods of these individuals and their communities.

Driven by his vision to empower the African youth and create a prosperous future, Oberaifo Udoh has set ambitious goals for the future. He aims to make 1,000,000 young African millionaires and establish 100,000 strong brands across various sectors, including the Digital Economy, Agriculture, Transport, Creative Industry, Culture & Tourism, Real Estate & Construction, and Manufacturing before 2030. By accomplishing these goals, Oberaifo Udoh believes it will lead to decent employment opportunities, poverty reduction, and robust economic growth, thus supporting Nigeria and Africa's stability and development.

As an advocate for social change, Udoh emphasises the importance of mental health awareness and global inclusivity. At Vines Realty Afrique Ltd, these principles are not just part of the company's policies but are deeply ingrained in its workplace culture. Oberaifo Udoh has taken proactive steps to promote psychoeducation, screening, and interventions, ensuring the well-being of his team members.

Oberaifo Udoh, the visionary leader and Managing Director of Vines Realty Afrique Ltd, is dedicated to empowering Africa through entrepreneurship, social change, and digital transformation. As President of the Edo Arise Initiative, he launched a program titled "Bringing Empowerment, Cultural Revolution, and Mental Decolonization of Esan People" in 2021. This initiative focused on skill acquisition, women empowerment, and the preservation of the girl child, aiming to combat youth unemployment. Free training and makeup classes were provided to 5,000 youths in Esan Communities through the "Save a Girl" (SAG1) initiative. Additionally, Oberaifo Udoh offered scholarships to the best girl and boys in the JSS category at Ambrose Alli University Secondary School, supporting their secondary education. His commitment to sociocultural revolution was evident through the initiation and launch of the book "Teach Yourself Esan" in 2021. Oberaifo Udoh's efforts as President of the Edo Arise Initiative have contributed to the holistic development and empowerment of the Esan people and communities.

In addition to his remarkable achievements, Oberaifo Udoh is actively involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives. He established the Oberaifo Udoh Foundation and led the CSR activities for Vines Better Humanity Foundation. Furthermore, he has partnered with several NGOs in South Africa to combat gender-based violence, demonstrating his commitment to fighting societal challenges and advocating for a more equitable and just society.

Africa's Entrepreneurial Repositioning:

Africa's Under 40 CEOs Award & Summit 2023 centred around the theme "Repositioning Entrepreneurship Mentality in Africa For Global Impact." This theme resonates with Oberaifo's vision of harnessing Africa's potential as an investment hub and fostering a sustainable society. The summit fostered insightful discussions on various topics crucial to Africa's progress, inviting investors to recognise the continent's untapped opportunities.

As Oberaifo Udoh continues to inspire and empower, his brand visibility soars, contributing to the growth and development of not only his company, Vines Realty Afrique Ltd but also the community, Africa, and humanity at large. With his remarkable leadership, unwavering dedication, and passion for transformative change, Oberaifo Udoh is a true trailblazer, leaving an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape of Africa.

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