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Exploring the Price of BRC Mesh and Cement in Nigeria

Building in Nigeria requires careful planning and budgeting, especially when it comes to materials. While essential materials like steel rods and sand grab most of the attention, other crucial components can significantly impact your project's cost. This article dives into the world of BRC mesh and cement, two essential building materials often overlooked in discussions, offering valuable insights into their price ranges in the Nigerian market.

Price of BRC Mesh and Cement in Nigeria

BRC Mesh:

BRC mesh, also known as welded wire fabric, provides reinforcement for concrete structures like slabs, beams, and walls. Its versatility and strength make it a vital component in construction projects of all sizes. In Nigeria, the price of BRC mesh varies depending on the size and gauge.

Here's a breakdown of the price range for different BRC mesh sizes in July 2023:

  • 6mm x 150mm x 2400mm: ₦6,500 - ₦7,400 per sheet

  • 8mm x 150mm x 2400mm: ₦8,500 - ₦9,500 per sheet

  • 10mm x 150mm x 2400mm: ₦11,000 - ₦12,300 per sheet

Price of Cement in Nigeria


Cement acts as the binding agent in concrete, holding together the aggregate and other materials. Choosing the right cement type and understanding its price range is crucial for cost-effective construction. In Nigeria, the price of cement varies depending on the brand and bag size.

Here's an estimated price range for popular cement brands in July 2023:

  • Dangote Cement (50kg): ₦4,000 - ₦4,900 per bag

  • BUA Cement (50kg): ₦3,800 - ₦4,600 per bag

  • Ibeto Cement (50kg): ₦3,700 - ₦4,500 per bag

Additional Factors Influencing Price:

It's important to note that the prices mentioned above are estimates and can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Location: Prices may be higher in remote areas due to transportation costs.

  • Supplier: Different suppliers may offer varying prices for the same material.

  • Market conditions: Prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand.

Making Informed Decisions:

Understanding the price range of BRC mesh and cement empowers you to make informed decisions during your construction project. By researching different suppliers and comparing prices, you can ensure you get the best value for your money. Additionally, consider consulting with professionals like architects and engineers who can guide you through material selection and cost considerations.

Whether you're building your dream home or undertaking a large-scale construction project, understanding the price of essential materials like BRC mesh and cement is crucial. By staying informed and planning effectively, you can navigate the world of construction in Nigeria with confidence.

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