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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The difference between the successful Real estate investors and the unsuccessful ones are the knowledge of these key facts.

Research: Overtime the average return on investment (ROI) on properties are predicated on both external and internal factors like; Projected geographical developments, geographical location, access routes, natural factors, crime rates etc. Some of these factors are ever changing and the effects might be positive or derogatory to the real estate properties associated with them. Proper research on the current real estate markets, the proposed real estate investment location and the developments that are and will occur in that location should be carried out before any investment is made. Finally, No matter how bad the economic market gets, Real estate can always be sold for a valuable ROI.

Population factor: Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, and it is growing at 3.2% a year. The U.S. Census Bureau says that at this rate, there will be an estimated 402 million people in Nigeria in 2050. The question now is, where will they all live? With this estimation real estate is primed to be the best investment plan in Nigeria for at least the next 100 years.

Collaboration: Real Estate is by far the best investment choice in Nigeria and it’s not an option that requires singularity of ownership. Collaborations are really important as they offer the opportunity to invest in real estate despite your current financial Limitations.

300% appreciation value rate: The Return on investment (ROI) on properties in Lagos Nigeria are good but with the Amazing industrial and commercial developments happening in ibeju-lekki, they have become exceptionally good and projected to still increase in the coming months. A good investor doesn’t just invest, but they invest in a plan with the highest possible ROI and currently real estate properties at ibeju-lekki, Lagos Nigeria are becoming the best options.

Never too young or too old: Data shows that millennials have completely eclipsed baby boomers and Gen Xers when it comes to buying homes. As a matter of fact, this shift is an encouraging sign because in Lagos Nigeria, most real estate investors fall under the age bracket of (24 – 60 years). Therefore, you’re neither too young nor too old to invest in the best investment plan (real estate) for either yourself or for posterity.

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